Anchor Point Training offers many benefits.

Whether you train kids, teens, adults or seniors the APT method works with them all. It doesn’t matter if the individual is sedentary and out of shape or a casual exerciser or even an elite athlete because APT teaches you numerous ways to scale exercise movements (from a solid biomechanical perspective) to make the exercise more or less intense or to focus on a different aspect (balance, proprioception, core stability, power, etc.).

The APT Course Will Teach You:

  • How to apply the APT methodology to any anchored training tool including any brand of Resistance Bands, Suspension Straps, Rip Tools, Landmines, Battle Ropes, Sleds and Cables.
  • How to create Serape Connections to Train Slings
  • Ways to use Oscillating Elastic Resistance
  • The science and application of Mastering Elastic Resistance
  • Optimizing Suspension Strap Training
  • A system to create resistance for Progressive Resisted Movement Patterns